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It's the perfect domain for launching a new content site.

People want to know how to do things the easiest way.

May 18, 2010: Yahoo jumps in, buying Associated Content for a rumored $100 Million.

easiest way postcard

Demand Media headlines from Oct 19-20, and Nov 12, 2009:

  • The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the Fast, Disposable, and Profitable as Hell Media Model - Daniel Roth in Wired
  • Rise of the Machines: Why Demand Media Is Worth More Than the New York Times - Peter Kafka at MediaMemo: "Demand has figured out how to generate a massive stream of low-cost stories designed to extract the maximum dollars from Google's (GOOG) advertisers."
  • How Demand Media Produces 4,000 Pieces of Content a Day - Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb: "Demand Media is rapidly rising up the comScore list of the top 50 web properties in the U.S. - in July it was #24, in September it was #15."

AOL wants to get in on the action, led by new CEO Tim Armstrong (formerly of Google, and an investor in Associated Content). Headlines from Nov. 30:

Several other companies approach this space from various angles:

  • About.com - owned by the NY Times
  • Answers.com - ... a public company, that just lost their link from Google's word lookup
  • Associated Content - Open Content Network
  • Mahalo - Human-powered search engine (Jason Calacanis)
  • Squidoo - create your own lens; earn a royalty (Seth Godin)
  • EzineArticles - "Expert Authors Sharing Their Best EzineArticles"
  • Helium - "Where Knowledge Rules"
  • Hub Pages - "your online space to share..." (owned by YieldBuild)

Now is the time

One of the above companies should buy the domain name today -- but I'll bet they won't until someone develops it and proves the potential. At that point the price they pay will likely be quite a bit higher.

So why am I selling the domain? Because I have too many projects already, and find new opportunities all the time.

EasiestWay.tv is also for sale

Videos may be the easiest way for people to learn how to do something new.

You could keep text and video on separate sites, or just provide a nice clear .tv alternative that indexes into videos on your main site.

The easiest way to keep up with election news

  • Grokpics™ - Communicate with pictures! ... mobile friendly

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